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UK Technology Conference Istanbul 2020

Şubat 17



17 February 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is delighted to invite you to join to the UK Technology Conference, Istanbul 2020 where UK experts from various sectors will showcase UK’s excellence in the technology sphere and give you insightful tips for your business plans with the UK.

UK Technology Conference 2020 will bring together thought-leaders from business, university, research centre and government and host a series of exclusive keynotes, panel discussions and workshops in different sectors including Fintech, Agritech, Digital Manufacturing, Science and Innovation, Open Data and Smart City. The day will host a delegation of UK companies to present their technologies in these sectors and see the finale of the GREAT Entrepreneur Games Awards 2019, celebrating some of Turkey’s best and brightest talent in technology start-ups.


Why you should attend?

• To learn about the tools that will help you expand your business in the UK

• To learn about UK’s capabilities in smart technologies and meet with British companies to explore areas of collaboration

• To gain an insight of the UK impact investment ecosystem

• To explore wide range of R&D funding opportunities


Who should attend?

• Technology businesses and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the opportunities to expand their business in the UK

• Industries, businesses, government and public bodies interested in learning more about UK’s expertise in smart technologies and buying services and products from the UK

• Universities and research institutions wanting to find out about research funding opportunities and identify areas of R&D collaboration between the UK and Turkey

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