• Girişimin Bulunduğu Aşama Prototip/MVP
  • Girişimin Bulunduğu Sektör Fintech
  • Kuluçka Merkezleri / Teknokent / Yarışma
  • Lokasyon İstanbul
  • Çalışan Sayısı 4-10
  • Şirketleşti mi? Evet
  • Kuruluş Tarihi January 2017
  • Web Adresi http://www.coimex.io
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Startup Hakkında

Chain of Importes & Exporters (Coimex) is the private blockchain platform which enables safe trade for all actors of international business. It is the ultimate way that saves the participants from losing time while dealing with diplomacy and paper burden put by the monitoring parties in the international trade. Coimex supplies the transparent rating system that is to display the most trusted traders among all the attendees by using the decentralised character of the Blockchain Technology. Moreover, Smart Contract infrastructure of Coimex will provide a secure transfer system for the exchange of money, documents and assets between the parties of foreign trade all around the globe. The BlockchainTechnology and Smart Contract infrastructures allow us to create an ecosystem impossible to intervene from outside, maximising the credibility of the Coimex users. Chain of Importers & Exporters (Coimex) will provide an ideal crypto-currency, which will be used between importers, exporters and third party service providers while securing the rights of all parties. Although there are other crypto-currencies currently used in the world, none of them are produced specifically for foreign trade. That is where we need Coimex technology and ecosystem. The decentralized trading ecosystem and private blockchain platform will be specifically designed to solve the drawbacks of the international trade. There are lots of gaps and problems happening in the absence of such revolutionary technology. Those gaps and problems will be further mentioned in the following sections.

Coimex'in En Çok Aradığı Yetenekler

PHP Developer
Alanlar Back End Yazılım
Çalışma Planı Tam zamanlı
Roller Back End Yazılım
Şehirler İstanbul
Yazılım Dilleri PHP

Coimex Projesinin mobil uygulaması yapılacak, dış ticaret firmaları için bir sosyal network uygulaması.

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Serkan Dinçer Founder

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