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  • Kuluçka Merkezleri / Teknokent / Yarışma Growth Circuit
  • Lokasyon İstanbul
  • Çalışan Sayısı
  • Şirketleşti mi? Evet
  • Kuruluş Tarihi July 2018
  • Web Adresi https://gatepay.co
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GatePay is a suite of payment applications that powers cryptocurrency commerce for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are on a mission to perfect the checkout experience for in-store and online retailers and make sure nothing gets in the way when shoppers decide to buy. We provide the industry’s fastest checkout that is optimized for any device and coupled with a unique approach to fraud (double-spend) prevention that approves more good orders. By converting more shoppers into customers GatePay has become the proven choice of customer-obsessed retailers like Ministry of Supply and Public Rec.

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